Dissertation Interruptus: Seven Cautionary Tales


A guest post by Noelle Sterne.

From my longtime academic coaching and editing practice guiding doctoral candidates through the peaks and gullies of completing their dissertations, I have noticed that women in doctoral programs can easily become diverted by compassion for others in trouble. Well-meaning decisions and actions may result in calamitous consequences to a dissertation.

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Preparing for the Academic Job Market: Part I



Last night I applied to my first tenure-track, Assistant Professor position.  One that accepted ABD applicants, but more on that to come in Part II.  A bit surreal, to say the least, that I’ve come this far.  This PhD journey is not over, but the end is much closer than it’s ever been.  The light at the end of the tunnel is not an incoming train; it’s the Doctor of Philosophy.  That’s worth at least a few nights out to celebrate with my wife and cohort, but I digress.

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Year 2 of the PhD: Setting Goals with a Career in Mind


As I reflect on my first year of completed Ph.D. studies, I am aware of several goals that I accomplished. For example, my first peer-reviewed article was accepted for publication! Additionally, I began work as a research assistant on a project examining the impact of a supervisory model on counseling students’ self-efficacy. This is really good news, and I am pleased with these accomplishments. However, I am also aware of goals that did not happen. For instance, two presentations I submitted to my national conference were rejected. Another peer-reviewed paper was turned down. This happens to everyone, and you can read my last post about strategies on how to deal with academic rejection. Continue reading