Lessons of an Advisor


As you’ve noticed, I’ve not blogged in a while.  Not only have I started a new Assistant Professor gig , but I’ve also adopted a newborn son in recent weeks.  Entering parenthood for the first time is so fun and joyous and sleep depriving all at once!  However, I’d like to get back in the habit of blogging regularly as I’ve mentioned before this helps me accomplish more academic writing in other projects.  And most importantly, hopefully something here will help you.

Being in this full-time role exposes me to things that are non-issues as an adjunct faculty member.  Continue reading


Preparing for the Academic Job Market: Part I



Last night I applied to my first tenure-track, Assistant Professor position.  One that accepted ABD applicants, but more on that to come in Part II.  A bit surreal, to say the least, that I’ve come this far.  This PhD journey is not over, but the end is much closer than it’s ever been.  The light at the end of the tunnel is not an incoming train; it’s the Doctor of Philosophy.  That’s worth at least a few nights out to celebrate with my wife and cohort, but I digress.

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The Academic Conference: Vital to Every Doctoral Student

SACES Conference

I returned last week from presenting at a regional academic conference for counselor educators. It was my first time attending this type of conference, and I came back feeling energized and connected! Energized by the workshops designed to enhance my experience and productivity as a doctoral student and connected as I networked with other doctoral students and professors. I realized about halfway through the conference that this topic would be a fitting next blog post.

The academic conference is an absolute must for every doctoral student, especially if you are planning to work in academia. It is critical that you attend these conferences on a regular basis, and I will get to why I believe that very soon. Continue reading