Assistant Professor of Counseling


Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling…yes, that has a nice ring to it!

In short, I got the job!!  It’s hard to believe it really happened even when I think about it a month or two later.  Probably because my post doesn’t start until January.

After about a month of waiting, I was contacted by the search committee saying that they were recommending me for hire.  Celebration begins…no wait just one second! Before it was official, it had to be reviewed by two committees.  Welcome to academia.  The two committees didn’t meet for another couple of weeks, so the final celebration was on hold.  I didn’t want to celebrate prematurely since a letdown would be crushing.  Those committees confirmed what the search committee recommended, and I would start in January.

Celebrations commence!  And celebrate my wife and I did.  Proper dinner at a nice restaurant, reflections about how much work I’ve done, and other encouraging thoughts for which I’m very grateful.  It felt rewarding to know that all of my presentations, my publications, service on committees, clinical work, book contract, additional research project, etc., all came together and resulted in a job.  I’m not sure those were all things that directly led to the position, but I know they all meant something.  They mean that I can successfully fulfill the duties of being a professor and all that it demands.  Continuing this gratitude train, it’s wonderful to have a wife who is fully supportive of career aspirations and puts up with the way of life that academia seems to require.  I’m thankful to have a full-time job when so many do not.  I am also grateful that we don’t have to move halfway across the country and that I can keep at least my partial practice in tact without starting from scratch somewhere else.

Once my wife and I celebrated properly, questions began to flood my mind.

What about my clients?  Scaling back from 18-22 clients per week down to 8-10 clients per week will be challenging.  Oh wonderful news, now I get to talk termination with clients while providing them with a referral.  Some clients may dread hearing this news (others may be pleased!), and it’s not something I get happy about doing.  Something I’ve never enjoyed doing.

What about my dissertation?  Collecting and analyzing data should be my primary focus, because a teaching gig is a bit null without finishing.

How much time will I need to prep for the new courses I will be teaching while analyzing data and writing chapters 4 & 5?

How will I be able to do all of this and while still chipping away at writing my book?

I enter this season of finishing my PhD and preparing for my new role with a double mind but more on that to come.


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