The Big D and the Problem of Time


I studied for the better part of two months over the winter for comps. Actually, no, I prepared for two and a half years in my doctoral program by completing coursework. I literally consumed hundreds of journal articles and seminal works both in my courses and during my intensive prep for comps. I conducted research and taught courses. I vigorously prepared for one week of writing and answered four questions. After writing 76 total pages and answering my comprehensive exams over seven days, I completed exams in order to become a doctoral candidate. Courses are now complete. Research assistantship is over. Teaching assistantship is mostly done. With all of this emerging free time, what do I do with it?

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Comprehensive Exams II: Reflections & Helpful Strategies

Comps Blog Pic

I passed exams! Excitement and relief are the emotions I feel when asked, “How does it feel?” Thankfully, I will never have to do that again. Even though I passed, it was a brutal week. It was as much about managing my own thoughts and feelings as it was about answering the questions. So relieved to be done and move from PhD student to PhD candidate. Now I obtain the green light from the university to begin my dissertation.

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