A Daunting Reality: Preparing for Comprehensive Exams

Surreal and unbelievable are words that describe how I perceive my current place in doctoral work. It is hard to believe I am experiencing this 3rd-year reality, as it seems like a recent memory that I was receiving the good news that I had been accepted into the Ph.D. program. That was well over 2 years ago.

As I slowly realize this unfathomable truth, I am forced to reflect upon a more daunting reality of approaching comprehensive exams (referred to as “comps”). Continue reading


Two Lessons Learned from a Third Year Doctoral Student


During the past two years of my doctoral studies in counselor education and supervision (CES), my experience has come with several personal and professional lessons. Some of those lessons are unique to helping me develop as a counselor educator-in-training. Having worked in the mental health profession for over a decade before entering my CES training program, I quickly learned that the lessons specific to counselor education can be quite different than lessons learned as a licensed professional counselor.

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