Academic Rejection and Coping


Just last week I received a decisive email about my presentation proposal that read like this (my comments in italics):

“The proposal review process has been completed and all decisions have been made (in other words, this decision is final – don’t bother begging!). As is always the case, there were more quality proposals than Conference Session slots available (you didn’t have enough space to contain my work), as only 23% of submitted proposals were accepted (great, I’m in the majority). While the merits of your proposal are certainly recognized (my work wasn’t awful), it was not selected. I know this is a disappointment (acknowledging the obvious softens the blow) but we encourage you to maintain your involvement and consider submitting for 2016 (there is always next year).” Continue reading


My first year’s “secret”


Thanks to those of you (n=12) who voted that I continue this journey.  Here goes my second post.

For this one, I thought I would pass along my most important lesson learned from year 1 of my PhD studies.  My title refers to this as my “secret”, but in truth, this practical tip is quite common in the academic community and is almost sacred to those who practice it. Continue reading